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Pier View Gin

Proof: 87

ABV: 43.5%

Style: American Gin

Tasting Notes

  1. Citrus forward with lemons and oranges
  2. Herbal notes of juniper, rosemary, coriander, cardamom, and grains of paradise
  3. Lighter notes of cinnamon, vanilla, and oolong tea


Bottle of Pier View Gin

Like the perfect sunny day, this San Diego style gin is for everyone. Fresh lemons and oranges give this gin a bright citrus start. A tediously specific blend of herbs and spices give way to a delightfully complex gin. A smooth back bone is the core to this entire experience. Pier View Gin was created to bring out tasting notes meant to hit your palate during the beginning, middle, and end of each sip.

Pier View Gin is citrus forward and smooth making it perfect for a novice gin drinker. The blend of herbs and spices make it complex and interesting to the connoisseur of gin. Shake or stir it into any of the classic cocktails, make your own creation, or simply drink it neat. Just be sure to Enjoy The View!


2019 Bartender Spirits Awards Gin of the Year award 2019 Bartender Spirits Awards Gold award 2019 Bartender Spirits Awards Producter of the Year award 2018 Distilled Competition Gold award 2018 USA Spirits Ratings Silver award 2018 Gin Is In Silver award 2018 VABC Bronze award 2019 Distilled Competition Bronze award

Sea Gaze Vodka

Proof: 80

ABV: 40%

Style: Vodka

Tasting Notes

  1. Delicate mineral and light floral aroma
  2. Clean, smooth and sweet flavor
  3. Remiscent of flowers and grape skins


Bottle of Sea Gaze Vodka

Soft and elegant. Sea Gaze Vodka has a subtle, yet engaging floral and vinous character that is not intrusive but does successfully cut through any sense of abrasiveness that might come from the alcohol. This vodka is delicate and complex. It is delicious neat – drink chilled and enjoy the slow, vibrant transformation of the liquid to something playful and slightly punchy as it warms. That is when you can really sense the sweetness from the grapes from which it is distilled. This is a thoughtful, interesting spirit and has more depth than your average vodka but still with all of the qualities vodka drinkers are partial to.

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